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Whether its wear and tear or a renovation, Handyman Hunter plumbers are professionals at a wide range of plumbing replacements. Our experienced plumbing team can replace your stainless-steel sink, ceramic sink, undermount sink, Belfast sink, waterfall taps, pull-out kitchen taps, brass kitchen taps, Monobloc taps, mixer taps, Grohe kitchen taps, or any other appliance you need replacing.

Besides replacing your shower taps, kitchen taps, or any other water taps you have, we also do shower cartridge replacement, tap cartridge replacement, radiator replacement and shower replacement. When changing the location or position of the fixtures, we can advise accordingly to either alter and adapt the relevant pipe work to suit the new fixtures.


Handyman Hunter’s experienced plumbers have seen it all. From taking care of clogged toilets, clogged drains, clogged sinks, we also unblock baths, kitchen sinks, showers, internal waste pipes, urinals, baths, amongst a whole host of industrial grab pipe cleaning and waste removal. Plumbing Basin Unblocking

Unblock basins

If your bathroom basin is taking a long time to drain after you’ve had the tap on for a little while, it probably means that the drain is clogged.

A clogged drain must be taken care of quickly as it could lead to more serious problems, such as a leak. Our professional team of plumbers will have a look at your basin and assess the clog situation, and then take the due action.

Unblock baths

Bathtubs often build up hair and soap, which inevitably will block the drains. If the blockage isn’t dealt with quickly and successfully, it might lead to overflow, which will be an even bigger pain.

Therefore, the moment you see your bathtub’s drain is blocked, contact a professional to deal with the problem. Plumbing Bathtub Unblocking Plumbing Shower Unblocking

Unblock showers

If you don’t have a hair catcher or a hair trap in your shower, hair will get stuck in the drain and most likely create a blockage. It is common for hair to get stuck in shower drains as it is inevitable for some of it to fall when it is being washed.

If blocked drains are not taken care of quickly and professionally it can lead to bigger plumbing problems, such as overflowing.

Unblock sinks

If you get home and there is an awful smell in the kitchen, the water drains slowly, you hear strange gurgling noises as the water drains or the sink is full of dirty water – it means you have a blockage that needs to be dealt with promptly.

In case the water is not draining away at all, then you may be able to unblock your kitchen sink by opening the trap and seeing what is in it – often, coffee granules can build up over time and need emptying out. Plumbing Sink Unblocking Plumbing Toilet and Urinal Unblocking

Unblock toilet or urinal

Flushing wipes down toilets is the main cause of blockages, following the use of too much paper in one go, personal hygiene products and foreign objects, such as children’s toys. If you suspect your toilet is clogged, don’t flush it more than once, as it could make the toilet bowl fill up and it might overflow.

In case the water is not draining at all, it means that your toilet is completely blocked. If it drains slowly without getting rid of all the waste in the toilet, it means that it is partially blocked.


Whether you are moving into a new unfurnished place or simply want to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, our plumbing team will be able to give you a helping hand. Our experienced plumbers are able to install any plumbing fixtures you’ve bought – Franke taps, Bristan taps, B&Q bathroom taps, Homebase bathroom taps, kitchen mixer taps, waste disposal units, garden taps, isolation valves, radiator valves, shower enclosures, toilets, sinks, washing machines, macerators, tumble dryers, integrated washing machine, and much more.

Some installation work requires a degree of collateral damage, such as running pipes through walls or under floors rather than surface-mounted. Where this is necessary, our plumber will discuss your options with you before the work is undertaken. And, of course, you can book our handymen for any reinstatement and redecorating work afterwards. Plumbing Basin Unblocking

Install basins

Dreaming about a new bathroom? Or maybe you just want to add a unique touch to your toilet? Installing a new basin could be the perfect way to give your cloakroom a different look. There are various types and styles of basins you can choose from.

When picking a new basin, you’ll need to consider the available space in the bathroom as well as the overall style of the bathroom. For small spaces, a cloakroom basin, insert basins, a semi recessed basin, wall mounted basins or a corner basin are the perfect choice. For larger spaces, you can choose from vanity unit basins, full pedestal basins and traditional basins.

Countertop basins are the perfect bathroom statement – they are available in an array of styles, shapes, sizes and finishes including: marble wash basins, onyx wash basins, resin wash basins, wooden wash basins, coloured ceramic wash basins, oval countertop basin, stone basins, rectangular countertop basin and glass basin.

Install baths

Looking to have something unique in your bathroom for sophistication and style? Looking for something simple and clean to wash your dog in? Maybe you looking for your own in-home hydrotherapy spa? Depending on how you want to use the bathtub and the available space you have, you’ll be able to pick the perfect style, shape and type of tub for your bathroom.

For practicality and simplicity, the Alcove tub style will be the perfect option for your toilet; drop-in bathtubs are designed to be fitted into a pre-built deck or walls and corner bathtubs are perfect for some home spa therapy.

Freestanding bathtubs are designed to stand anywhere in the bathroom. These are available in many shapes and sizes. For example, the Clawfoot bathtub is the oldest and simplest form of bathtub, which will give your bathroom a vintage look; or the opposite of the Clawfoot tub – the carbon fibre Hammock bath by Splinter Works, a modern bathtub with a unique design.

There are many types of baths you can choose from: marble bathtubs, fiberglass bathtubs, porcelain bathtubs, sandstone bathtubs, granite bathtubs, limestone bathtubs, marble bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs and much more. Plumbing Bathtub Unblocking Plumbing Garden Tap installation

Install garden taps

An outdoor tap can be extremely helpful if you need to water your flowers or wash your car. When choosing your garden tap, remember to choose an outdoor tap which is resistant to the outside elements, in order to ensure a long lifespan.

Choose copper or plastic pipes for your garden taps; while plastic is easier to work with, copper lasts longer. Our experienced plumbers will be able to advise you about which tap to install; don’t forget any outdoor tap you purchase must meet the British Standards.

Our highly-skilled plumbers are able to install any outdoor tap, including brass outdoor taps, double garden taps, Wickes garden tap, Homebase garden tap, chrome garden tap, stainless steel garden tap, free standing garden tap, antique garden tap and plastic Elgo taps. Our qualified plumbers have the knowledge and experience to know how to fit an outdoor tap with minimum disruption.

If you’ve got a water supply close to outside walls, such as a kitchen, installing a garden tap with be a straightforward job, however, if you want to install an outside tap without an easily accessible water source – it will be more complicated. Don’t worry, it can be done – it will just take a longer time to complete.

Install isolation valves

Isolation valves are your best friend when you need to fix plumbing fixtures, such as taps and toilets. By easily rotating them you’ll be able to quickly turn off the water supply, thus being able to carry out any plumbing maintenance you need. By having isolation valves, you are able to fix a problem quickly or replace a whole plumbing fixture, if needed.

There are various types of isolation valves, including: plug valve, piston valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, pinch valve, gate valve and ball valve. For example, butterfly valves are a type of quarter turn valve, which can open or close whenever the handle is turned 90 degrees. One the other hand, gate valves open by lifting a rectangular or round gate out of the path of the fluid – this valve is mostly used for commercial and industrial applications. Plumbing Bathtub Unblocking Plumbing Shower installation

Install showers

A good shower is the perfect way to relax after a busy day at work or to wake up after a good night’s sleep. That’s why you should put some time into choosing the ideal shower for you, that fits both your bathroom and your lifestyle.

If you want a bespoke design, you need to consider the showerhead type, door type and shower tray type. On the other hand, if all you need is functionality, a pre-fabricated shower might be the best model for you.

There are various types of showers you can pick from, such as manual mixer shower, thermostatic mixer shower, electric shower, concealed shower, exposed rain shower, digital shower, amongst others.

A custom shower can be built to the size you require and has endless design options, including walk-in showers, frameless shower enclosures, corner enclosure showers, bathtub and shower combo, sliding door and pivot doors. There’s also an array of materials available for showers, such as: tile showers, fibreglass showers, acrylic showers and stone showers.

Install sinks

Perhaps you are renovating your whole kitchen and want a new ceramic sink to fulfil your dream kitchen idea or you simply want to replace your old sink and install a new kitchen sink?

Kitchen sinks are one of the most helpful plumbing fixtures in your kitchen, since they are used every day for washing dishes, preparing food and washing your hands. Therefore, choosing the perfect kitchen sink for your kitchen is of the upmost importance.

There are a variety of types, and styles of kitchen sinks you can choose from. Firstly, you’ll have to pick the material your kitchen sink is made of – stainless steel sinks are the most popular sinks in English homes, as they are more durable and versatile; ceramic sinks are normally handcrafted and stylish; granite sinks, composite sinks, glass sinks and cast-iron sinks are other alternatives.

After picking the perfect material for your kitchen sink, it’s time to pick your preferred sink style. You’ll be able to pick from Belfast kitchen sinks, undermount kitchen sinks, single bowl kitchen sinks, double bowl sinks, farmhouse sink, corner sink or designer kitchen sinks, such as Franke sinks or Blanco sinks.

After picking your favourite kitchen sink you can give your local London plumber a call and we’ll set it up for you. If you require any water taps installed or kitchen units fitted, our team can also help you with those jobs. Plumbing Sink Unblocking Plumbing Toilet and Urinal Unblocking

Install toilets

Before calling your local plumber, you’ll have to purchase a toilet, which can be very overwhelming – toilets come in an abundance of types, styles, designs, sizes and flushing options.

Firstly, you’ll have to consider the location of the toilet and the dimensions of the toilet, allowing sufficient space in front of it. Additionally, each type of toilet will require a different type of plumbing connection. If this seems too much, don’t hesitate to contact our team for professional advice.

Toilets are available in the following styles: close coupled toilet, closed-back toilet, corner toilet, wall hung toilet or wall mounted toilet, water saving toilet, smart toilet, low level toilet, high level toilet and comfort height toilet. You’ll also have to consider the flushing system – dual-flush toilet, double-cyclone toilet, waterless toilet, pressure-assisted toilet, gravity-feed toilet and touchless flush toilet.

The bowl shape of the toilet is another important aspect that relates to the overall comfort of the toilet. This could be an elongated toilet bowl, round-front toilet bowl or a compact elongated toilet bowl.

Install waste disposal units

A waste disposal unit, also known as a macerator, can be installed in sinks, toilets and other appliances. Macerators are used to help transfer bathroom or sink waste to the existing waste pipes by breaking down material – this could mean softening, churning or cutting waste. These waste disposers are mainly used in situations where transferring waste is difficult due to the distance or height between the source and the main drain line.

Kitchen sink waste dispensers, such as the InSinkErator, can be easily fitted under the sink. This food waste disposer grinds food waste into small particles, and then flush them into the waste water pipe. Our plumbers can install any sink garbage disposal unit, such as InSinkErator waste disposers, Franke waste disposers, Tweeny waste disposers, Maxmatic waste disposal, amongst other units.

Toilet macerators or upflush toilets send waste to the macerator located behind the wall or toilet. The macerator pump uses fast-rotating blades to break up waste, which is then pumped out into the main drain line. Handyman Hunter’s plumbers can install a Saniflo macerator or any other bathroom pumping system you might prefer. Plumbing Garbage Disposal Unit installation Plumbing White Goods Installation

Install white goods appliances

Renovating a kitchen in your commercial or residential property? Or building a kitchen from scratch? Our plumbers cover washing machine installation and connection, dishwasher installation, fridge installation and other white goods appliances.

When choosing white goods appliances, you’ll have to consider the available space, the type of appliance and the overall style you want to achieve in your kitchen. There are several types of dishwashers you can pick from, including: dishdrawer dishwasher or drawer dishwasher, freestanding dishwasher, fully integrated dishwasher, semi built in dishwasher, fully integrated dishwasher and countertop dishwasher.

Additionally, washing machines come in a variety of types and styles, such as: free standing washing machine, integrated washing machine, front loading washing machine, cold fill washing machine and top loader washing machine.

The most important appliance in your kitchen is your refrigerator. There’s a wide range of refrigerators you can pick from, this includes: free standing fridge, integrated fridge, undercounter fridge, tall fridge, wine coolers, mini fridge, combo fridge-freezer, side-by-side refrigerators, French doors fridges, bottom freezer fridge and top freezer fridge.


Plumbing faults come in many shapes and sizes, whether it’s dripping taps, leaking taps, cold radiators, or a defective shower pump. We can assist you with all of this and much more, such as: repairs to leaking pipe work; repairs to plumbing connections and joints; repairs to traps, wastes and plugs; repairs to radiators, including bleeding and balancing, or overhauling valves; repairs to taps, including changing washers or cartridges and repairs to toilets, including flush mechanisms, cisterns and overflows.

Please note that it is useful for us to know if we can isolate the water locally, rather than having to shut off and drain down the entire system. If we can isolate the water locally, the isolation valve should be placed onto the pipe within 50cm of the damaged item. Plumbing Basin Unblocking

Repair basins

Any leaks under your basin should be dealt with in a timely manner as they can lead to more serious issues – the moisture can cause rotting of wooden bathroom cabinets or steel surfaces to rust. A loose tap can cause water leakage, as well as corrosion, loose plumbing connections and damage to any of the plumbing fixtures can cause leaks.

We’ll be able to repair any type of basin or bathroom sink you might have, including: ceramic basin, porcelain basin, acrylic basin, cloakroom basin, countertop basin, semi-recessed basin, pedestal basin, toilet basin, glass basin, stone bathroom sinks and wall mounted washbasin.

Repair leaks

There are two main types of leaks. The first and most urgent is a leak from a feed pipe as the water will most likely be under pressure and gushing everywhere. The other type of leak is the sort that you might not even notice, but over the course of a couple of days can accumulate enough water to bring down your downstairs ceiling.

Pipes and taps can start leaking or dripping for many reasons. The main causes of leaking pipework includes: increased water pressure, blockages and corrosion – the pipes might begin to corrode, this could mean there is an issue with the water quality or the simple fact that your pipes could be getting old.

Leaking taps or dripping taps might mean that the tap washer is damaged, has suffered from corrosion or was not installed properly in the first place. Also, O-rings and cartridge valves might also cause leaks if they become damaged or simply need replacing.

In case the leak is serious, or the supply pipe is not in good condition, perhaps you should consider replacing the pipework instead of repairing it. However, if the leak is small, repairing should be the best option. Plumbing Garden Tap installation Plumbing Radiator Repair

Repair radiators

Radiators can stop working at any time, however, you’ll most likely realise that your radiator isn’t working properly during the winter months, when you most need it. Radiator maintenance is an essential job in almost every home as more than half of UK households are equipped with gas central heating.

If none of your radiators are working, then the first thing to check would be the central thermostat to see if it is turned on and is set higher than the current ambient room temperature.

It is vital to bleed your radiators – it can make your heating more efficient and save you money on gas heating costs. Trapped air in the radiator is the cause of many radiator problems, such as causing radiators to not work properly and to get cold spots, reducing the radiator’s efficiency which could lead to mould and damp.

You might notice some strange noises coming from your radiator, which means air may be present in the pipes, which will therefore require the radiator to be bled. Radiators are not supposed to have air trapped inside, only water.

Furthermore, your radiators will need balancing when you find that some radiators get warm while others don’t. Balancing radiators will ensure that every radiator you have in your home or office will get equally hot.

Leaking is also a common problem in radiators. There are various types of leaks, inclusive of leaking from the radiator body, leaking from the radiator valve, leaking form the radiator spindle, leaking from the radiator gland and leaking from the radiator pipe joint. These leaks could have been caused by corrosion, internal damage or loose joints. If your radiator has any leaks, it should be repaired quickly as it could lead to flooding and no heating whatsoever.

Repair sinks

Any under the sink leaks can cause mould and must be dealt with quickly, otherwise it could cause rotting and other damage to the cabinet or the floor. There are different types of under the sink leaks, including: a leak in the drain line, a faulty sink drain seal and a pressurised water hose leak.

These types of sink leaks can be caused by blocked drains, damage to any of the plumbing fixtures, corrosion, loose connections and improper installation of plumbing fixtures. In case it is a blockage, our highly-qualified plumbers can assist you and unblock the plumbing fixture.

Handyman Hunter can repair any type of sink you may have, including: stainless steel sink, farmhouse sink, countertop sink, pedestal sink, Franke sink, ceramic sink, Belfast sink, Cooper sink, small kitchen sink, single bowl sink, stainless steel sink, apron sink, undermount sink and back kitchen sink. Plumbing Toilet and Urinal Unblocking Plumbing Sink Unblocking

Repair taps

There are many reasons why your faucet could be leaking, including damaged tap cartridges, damaged or corroded pipes, excessive water pressure, damaged or corroded valve seat, among other reasons. The type of faucet you have can also make the tap more or less prone to leaking.

If your tap is dripping, then it most likely requires a new washer. Alternatively, if your tap turns on and off with just a quarter turn, then you will need a replacement cartridge. Sourcing these cartridges can be a bit tricky as there are many different types, but at Handyman Hunter we can advise you about which ones to buy for your particular faucet.

In case your tap requires a new washer, the type of tap you have should indicate which type of washer you’ll need to replace – old-fashioned taps have rubber washers and modern faucets have ceramic washers.

Repair toilets

We understand how troublesome it can be when the only working toilet in the house or office is leaking and creating a pool of water around the base. In this case, it could mean that the wax seal has failed. However, the leakage could also be coming from a faulty shutoff valve, cracked tank, sweaty bowl of a loose supply tube.

If your toilet is dripping constantly, there will be a problem with the ballcock valve that sits in the cistern. Our expert plumbers are able to complete this job quickly in case the cistern is easy to access.

A leaky toilet could lead to costly structural damage. If by any chance you have a bathroom with carpet flooring, the water damage will lead to mould growth under the carpet, which can have serious health repercussions.

When a toilet is leaking, our professional London plumbers typically undertake the following plumbing jobs: refit toilet to waste pipe, teak ballcock, replace ballcock, break through tiles to access cistern or replace dual-flush mechanism. Plumbing Toilet and Urinal Unblocking

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How Much Does A Plumber Cost UK?

Small plumbing repairs or unblocking jobs cost around £30-£200, whilst jobs like larger repairing and installations can range from £300 to £600. At Handyman Hunter we can even offer plumber services charged at an hourly rate. This rate varies from £25 -£100 per hour depending on how complicated the job is and how many men will be required.

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