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Our handymen operate 24 hours a day covering a wide range of domestic and commercial handyman services all across the UK. 

Flat Pack Assembly

Flat pack furniture was designed for easy and quick assembly; however, it often leads to confusion and arguments with your loved ones. We’ll take that burden out of your hands and make sure you’ll simply enjoy the end result of flat pack furniture rather than the whole process of assembling it.

Whether it’s a new bed or a swing for the garden, we’ll be able to assemble it. Sometimes instructions can be unclear, small parts can be missing, or it may be a simple question of an extra pair of hands.

There are some steps you can consider if you want to try and assembly flat-pack furniture by yourself or with a friend. Firstly, you should take care of preparation, making sure you protect the floor or any of your belongings with an old blanket and make sure you have all the tools necessary. Then, unpack the items and lay them down to ensure nothing is missing or damaged. Finally, take time to assemble the unit methodically.

If assembling any piece of furniture is not for you, get our team to do it. It doesn’t matter where you got the furniture from, our handymen are experienced in assembling furniture from IKEA, Homebase, John Lewis, Argos, B&Q, and many more places. We can assemble bedroom furniture, including flat pack wardrobes, assemble office furniture, from desks to tables and desks, assemble living room furniture and assemble children furniture, ensuring their safety.

Additionally, for outdoor spaces, we can assemble garden furniture and assemble patio furniture, whether you bought some new garden chairs, patio tables or any other flat-pack units you require assembling.

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Office furniture

In case you are creating your home office and you will attempt to assemble the furniture on your own, you should consider a few pointers before. Firstly, you should plan the process methodically, organising all the components and reading the instructions carefully. Nothing is worse than getting all set to assemble a chair only to find out that you don’t have the right pieces or there are some special screws missing.When you have everything in order, find plenty of space for you to assemble the unit, grab the required tools and get to work! We recommend having an image of the end result of the unit to aid you during the process.

Have you started assembling a desk, but you think you bit off more than you can chew? Maybe the seat of the chair you were trying to build ended up facing the wrong direction? Or maybe you were trying to assemble a desk for hours and somehow assembled a side panel backwards and now you’ve given up with the whole desk completely. Give us a call and we’ll assemble it for you or simply give you a second pair of hands.

Bedroom furniture

Flat pack furniture might want to make you bang your head against the wall or even be the reason for one of the biggest arguments you’ve had with your loved one – all because of that flat-pack chair that just didn’t seem to fit together. Sometimes flat-pack furniture feels impossible to do, but with Handyman Hunter we’ll assemble it for you, so you have more time relaxing with a warm cup of tea and your favourite movie.

In case you are looking for more storage in your room for your belongings you can always add more storage space inside your wardrobe with shelves or drawer units. If you are looking to simply display your artwork pieces or give your house plants a special stand, a bespoke shelf would be a great option.

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Living room furniture

Flat pack furniture has more advantages than ready assembled furniture. Even though flat pack furniture can be a big headache and takes time to put together it is much cheaper than ready-to-use furniture and it’s a lot easier to transport and carry into the house. Flat-pack furniture can also be easily painted in various colours, making this type of furniture highly customisable.

In case you are thinking of assembling your living room furniture on your own, remember a few steps before starting. Firstly, plan out the whole process methodically by reading the instructions carefully and making sure you have all the items and tools necessary for the assembly. In case the instructions state that it is a two-person assembly, don’t do it by yourself as it could end up really badly. Then, arrange some free space and start assembling the unit.

Garden furniture

Are you having a party this weekend and you need an extra pair of hands to assemble your patio set? Nobody could be blamed for calling a handyman in, not only to get the job done quickly as you have to prepare other things for the party, avoiding the frustration that is assembling flat-pack furniture, but also to ensure the assembly is done properly and it’s going to last you all summer long.

Your garden will be ready in no time for your weekend party, we can assemble a wide range of furniture, including benches, swings, gazebos, sheds, garden chairs and garden tables. It doesn’t matter if it is Homebase garden furniture, Argos garden furniture or IKEA garden chairs – our expert handymen will be able to tackle it.

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Patio furniture

Who doesn’t love warm summer days in the patio or garden sitting down with the family and friends having some good food and enjoying a Pimms? The little ones are having fun in the new wooden swing you have just bought and asked Handyman Hunter to assemble for upcoming party. There are no more worries in the world and you are just happy you didn’t have to assemble your patio furniture by yourself.

Our garden furniture assembly services cover any and all furniture you require assemble, from flat-pack garden benches, wooden swings, gazebos, sheds, outdoor chairs and outdoor wooden tables.

Children’s furniture

While you are spending time with your newly born child, our team will be able to assemble all the nursery furniture you require. We understand how important it is to enjoy every moment with your little ones and this is no different. Save yourself a headache of dealing with flat-pack furniture and let us take care of it for you.

It is normal to become overwhelmed when you see the size of the furniture boxes – don’t worry, we have the knowhow necessary to do the job, we have assembled children cabin beds, assembled play houses, assembled trampolines, assembled children study tables, assembled kids canvas wardrobes, assembled tower bookcases and many other pieces of furniture you might want assembled.

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Hanging things up

Hanging up a picture frame or hanging up a mirror might seem like a simple task, however, hanging up pieces of décor or furniture is one of the most common jobs that our team does – it is never quite as simple as you might think. Handyman Hunter’s experienced handymen will be able to hang up multi photo frames, hang up large mirrors, put up nursery curtains, fit floating shelves and wall mount TVs.

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Does your teenage kid want to do a bedroom makeover and they want various frames hung up with motivational quotes such as “Believe in Yourself” or “Good vibes only”? We’ll take care of it and hang up a “Nothing is Impossible” frame while we are at it. They will love it! What about a world map picture frame to dream about all the places in the world they can go to? Perhaps you want to hang up pictures of your pet piglets or of your dogs in a silly costume? We don’t judge – whatever you want to be hung up, we’ll do it!

Maybe you want to create a man cave in your spare room and require an extra pair of hands to hang up framed posters of your favourite games or films and to put up floating shelves which will showcase your Lego-sized Millennium Falcon that you have spent so much time creating. Additionally, our handymen also offer TV wall mounting services, whether you want your TV in the ceiling or in the corner – you’ll let us know and we’ll take care of it.


Before you can say “mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?” – the mirror actually has to be up on the wall. No more excuses on why your vanity mirror is just balanced on top of your chest of drawers, we’ll put it up in no time. Procrastinate no further and give our team a call, we can give you a hand with bathroom mirrors, make-up mirrors, heavy mirrors, small mirrors, large mirrors and any other type of mirror you might have.

Our team of handyman in London offer a wide range of services you might require. If you have just received some flat pack furniture you require assembling – we can assemble any type of furniture you have, from flat pack beds, wardrobes to tables. In case you are expecting a little one, our team can baby proof your home to make sure your home is safe for babies or toddlers.

If you want to renovate your bathroom with fresh, new tiles, our team is able to remove old tiles and install new tiles in your bathroom. Additionally, we can install bath screens, fix toilet seats or hang up new mirrors in your bathroom.

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Curtains are both great in the wintery months or during summer. Blackout curtains are great during the warm days of summer (when after a long winter of complaining about how cold it is, everyone decides to start complaining about how warm it is – we all know it). Even though curtains are great to cool off your room when it is too hot outside, they can also be used to help insulating rooms during the winter, preventing the warmth to get out, keeping your home warm all winter.

Perhaps you want to take your home cinema room to another level and hang up theatre curtains – these curtains will keep out any light source and will make the mere act of watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones an ever-greater experience.

Or maybe you are expecting a little one and are starting to think about how to decorate the nursery room. Nursery curtains might not seem like a lot to worry about, however, they play a very important role in your child’s nursery room – mimicking night time at any point in the day could really help your little one nap during the day. There are also various things to consider when purchasing nursery curtains, including avoiding floor-length curtains and avoiding curtains with decorative cording which can be pulled very easily.


Curtains are fabric panels which come in a variety of colours, designs, textures and thickness. With this variety you are able to create the perfect atmosphere for your room, whether you want sheer curtains or thicker curtains, including blackout curtains that can completely block outside light. Drapes are similar to curtains; however, drapes are lined or backed, while curtains are made of a single layer. Drapes are often made with more luxurious materials including damask, velvet and silk.

Shades are also fabric panels, but these are attached to a rod or frame and installed within the window frame. With a wide variety of lengths, colours and materials, these offer various styles and designs to fit our overall room décor.

Blinds have the same lifting mechanism as shades, however, blinds are not a simple fabric panel. Rather, blinds consist of vinyl slats, wood, bamboo or other material slats which tilt to open or close. Most blinds have horizontal slats, but there are also blinds with vertical slats which are most commonly used over large sliding windows. This type of window treatment is easy to install and can be used anywhere in your residential or commercial building. Among the various styles of blinds, there are Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, Roller blinds, Velux blinds, wooden shutters and more.

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Maybe you want more storage space or maybe you want to display all of your house plants in a beautiful wooden floating shelf. There are various types of shelves you can choose from, including fixed bracket shelving, built-in shelving, floating shelving, corner shelving, free standing shelving, among others.

In case you are going to adventure yourself in the shelving world, attempting to put up your own kitchen shelves, you’ll have to remember a few key points before. You’ll have to take care when drilling into walls – a stud detector will help finding ideal fixing points. Additionally, adjustable brackets might not be the most aesthetically pleasing option, however, this type of brackets could be very helpful over time as it offers easy adjustability of shelving.


Have you thought about the placement? Placement is key as you’ll have to consider the viewing angle, accessibility to electric outlets, if the wall will be strong enough to hold the television up and the overall décor of the room. Additionally, will you want to have your gaming console next to the television? What about a soundbar or speakers for a complete surround sound experience? You’ll have to consider these devices and perhaps put up a shelf near the television to hold them.

We would recommend hiding the electrical cables, instead of leaving them out in the open, ready to become more tangled than headphone wires. You have two main options, either choose to bury them in the wall surface or run the wires along the surface of the wall.

Surface-mounted wires will be easier to replace whenever you want to upgrade your electronics again, however, they won’t look as good as chased-in wires. If you mind having visible wires, the other option is painting the wires, so they blend in with the rest of the wall. Buried cables even though it is a more difficult job to do – it will be worth the effort as it will give the room a more modern and cleaner look.

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Are you fully renovating your bathroom and want to install new tiles on the walls and floor? Or maybe you want to simply install tiles on the shower cubicle? If you are looking to give your kitchen a new look, maybe tiling the kitchen splashback could be enough to change things up a bit. Additionally, you can also install tiles around your fireplace to give it a clean, modern finish. Remember that planning is very important when it comes to tiling work, you should consider the number of tiles necessary and their position on the wall.

Over the time, kitchen and bathroom tiles can get cracked or broken. Our team is able to remove and replace cracked tiles without having to replace the whole tiling work. However, if you are feeling out of love by your old tiling – don’t worry, we can retile the whole room with new, fresh tiles. We may need to visit you to give you a quote if tiles have to go under or around existing units.

Is the grout on your floor tiles looking grubby and old? Our local handyman team will be able to regrout the tiles to keep it looking clean and fresh. Maybe try a different coloured grout for a pop of colour in your bathroom or kitchen. There are many options, going beyond black and white – there are glitter options and a wide variety of the colours of the rainbow to choose from.

Tiling a wall

here are some things to consider when choosing your wall tiles, including the overall style of the room, tile maintenance, right grout colour and finally, and most importantly, overall planning and budgeting. Planning is the key in any and all redecoration you might want to undertake, and when it comes to tiles it is best to calculate the amount you’ll require for the job and get a little bit more just in case some tiles break.

It is normal to be overwhelmed with the variety of tiles you can pick from to redecorate your bathroom or kitchen. Take it easy and have fun with it, redecorating rooms gives you an opportunity to show off some of your personality and add patters or pops of colour. If you have chosen white tiles you might want to add coloured grout or accent tile for a colourful change. You can pick from ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, quartz and resin tiles and mosaic tiles, which will all give you a great finish. Additionally, there are various tile formats and patterns you can choose from, including hexagonal tiles, rectangular tiles, square tiles, large format tiles and more.

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Has water soaked into your grout quickly – it’s time to get it resealed! Sealing both your tiles and grout is one of the most important steps to ensure longevity of your tile backsplash, tile walls and tile floor. It will make it look great and last for a long time if you seal them. It is also important to maintain the sealant and reseal your tiles and grout periodically.

In case your tile grout has become dark, dirty and stained and you’ve tried cleaning it, but it didn’t work, maybe it’s time to regrout your tiles. At Handyman Hunter our professionals are experts at removing old grout and regrouting your tiles. We can also simply touch up the grout.

Besides grouting tile in bathroom floors and kitchen backsplashes, our team also applies grout to shower cubicles and grout paving stones. Are you thinking of grouting over existing grout in a tile floor? Please don’t. Remove that idea from your head, because the results won’t be good whatsoever – it is possible, but it won’t be worth the trouble.

If you want to change your bathroom style a bit, why not change the colour of the tile grout? It’s such a simple change, but it will be great to give your bathroom a special touch and a pop of colour. There are a variety of grout colours, it’s no longer just black and white. You can get red grout, yellow grout, green grout or even glittery grout!

Drill through tiles

Drilling through tile can be a very challenging process if you don’t have the necessary items or follow the correct steps. Drilling ceramic tiles, drilling porcelain tiles or drilling natural tiles have all particularities in the drilling process. For example, even though ceramic tiles are very strong they also have little tensile strength, which makes them easier to crack if you are not careful. Natural tiles are slightly softer than porcelain tiles, so there is less risk of cracking, however, you’ll still need the correct drill bit for the job.

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Tiling floors

For bathroom and kitchen floors ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and natural stone tiles are the most popular tile materials to choose from. Porcelain tiles tend to be the best choice as they are waterproof, stain resistant and easy to clean. Natural stone tiles can have a long lifespan if treated and installed properly. Additionally, wood floors are also an option for kitchens – this material gives homes a more warming feel.

Tile flooring doesn’t need to be dull whatsoever, there are so many options, colours, designs and patterns to choose from that you can end up with your dream design – whether it is a checkerboard pattern, monochromatic tiles, colourful mosaic tiles or geometric patterns. Just remember to calculate the amount the tiles you’ll require for the room you want to the tiles to be installed.

Repairs & Odd Jobs

When you don’t know who to call for a particular job, we’re the ones to get in touch with. Handyman Hunter has been helping customers since 2018, so if quality is what you need then look no further as our highly skilled handy team are perfect for any service you require. From installing bath screens, boxing in pipes and replacing ceiling tiles to draught proofing homes, installing gun cabinets and replacing toilet seats.

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Baby proofing

Has the little one started crawling or maybe started walking? This is a crucial time to babyproof the house if you haven’t already. As soon as they start moving, they will want to start exploring every little inch of the house. Baby proofing your home will prevent any serious accidents from happening.

It’s very important to make sure your little ones don’t open cupboards with dangerous objects or washing liquids. To ensure this doesn’t happen we would recommend locking cupboards and cabinets with a childproof lock or door stopper.

The kitchen is by far the most dangerous room for a child, however, it is the most fascinating room for the little one. Installing safety gates would be a good option to completely block off the child from getting in. Otherwise, there are other ways you can make the kitchen a safer place, from putting away knives and glasses and ensuring that their little hands can’t reach the stove and dishwasher.

Bath screens

There are various types of bath screens you can choose from to renovate your bathroom, including single screens, which are the most popular style of bath screens, and double screens which can be opened in various ways. Foldaway screens can be easily folded and overbath enclosures can completely surround your bath, preventing water from splashing to the rest of your bathroom.

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Cable tidying

There are some things to consider when choosing your wall tiles, including the overall style of the room, tile maintenance, right grout colour and finally, and most importantly, overall planning and budgeting. Planning is the key in any and all redecoration you might want to undertake, and when it comes to tiles it is best to calculate the amount you’ll require for the job and get a little bit more just in case some tiles break.

It is normal to be overwhelmed with the variety of tiles you can pick from to redecorate your bathroom or kitchen. Take it easy and have fun with it, redecorating rooms gives you an opportunity to show off some of your personality and add patters or pops of colour. If you have chosen white tiles you might want to add coloured grout or accent tile for a colourful change. You can pick from ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, quartz and resin tiles and mosaic tiles, which will all give you a great finish. Additionally, there are various tile formats and patterns you can choose from, including hexagonal tiles, rectangular tiles, square tiles, large format tiles and more.

Ceiling tiles

Ceiling tiles, also known as ceiling panels, are most commonly used in commercial and industrial properties, including retail stores, hospitals and offices. Designed to improve acoustics and thermal insulation, this type of tile is a large contributor towards productivity in the workplace. For conference rooms having good sound insulation is crucial, thus investing in good ceiling tiles is of the utmost importance.

Suspended ceiling tiles also have other benefits, including providing easy access to hidden pipes, cables and other electrical wiring that might need repairing and being resistant to both mould and moisture.

There are many different designs to choose from, the world is your oyster. It is important to choose the perfect style, finish and colour to complement the rest of the office, in order to maintain a professional look in the workplace for visitors, clients, and employers.

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Draught proofing

Keeping your home cosy and warm during the winter is very important. However, if there are draughts in your home, it means that warm air is getting out and cold air is getting inside. There are various ways to draught proof your home, starting with finding where the cold air is coming from – it could be unwanted gaps in your windows, letterboxes, chimneys, skirting boards, cat flaps or cracks in the walls.

In addition to making sure these areas are sealed to cover any draughts, other areas can also be problematic, including the gaps in between floorboards and the bottom of doors which should be covered with a draught excluder.

There are other methods to winter-proof your home, for example, putting up curtains can help insulate rooms, keeping the house warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Having proper insulation in your loft and wall cavities is very important as some of the heat in a house is lost through the walls and loft. Additionally, to make sure your boiler will always be working, we would recommend having a professional servicing your boiler annually – nobody wants a freezing shower on a winter day.

Lift & shift furniture

We all know how stressful moving can be and we are here to make that process a little bit more bearing. Perhaps you simply need sofas moved from downstairs to upstairs or vice versa, our experienced team will take the strain of the job while you fetch yourself some tea and rest. After many moving jobs, imprints can be left in carpets, here’s a handy hint: by placing a clean old tea towel over the imprint and steaming iron over the dent – the imprint it’s gone (just like magic!).

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Toilet seats

Perhaps you have that one friend that every time that comes to your house and uses the bathroom, the toilet seat tends to break. Nobody knows how it happens, it just does, and now you are tired of having to adjust the seat all the time. Get us in to install a good quality toilet seat and that won’t be an issue anymore.

There are so many styles, designs and colours to choose from that it can easily get too overwhelming. Don’t worry – we’ll give you a helping hand. There are mainly two types of toilet seats: standard close toilet seat and soft close toilet seat. The latter one provides a gentle closing mechanism to avoid trapping fingers.

Toilet seats also come in a variety of shapes. There are some more traditional shapes, including rounded toilet seats and elongated toilet seats; and there are other more modern toilet seats, such as square seats, D-shaped seats, and wrap-over toilet seats. In addition to these, there are also smart toilet seats which have a wide range of features, including adjustable heated seat, automated cleaning, energy saving mode, and much more.

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All Handyman Hunter Handymen are located within the area they serve. Meaning they can get to you faster and more reliably than with any other company, a small part of what makes us the best provider in the UK. As an added bonus this means our plumbers are driving less, so you are helping support local business and helping the planet.