Garden Shed Insulation and Waterproofing

Garden Shed Roof Repair Before Best Garden Shed Roof Repair After

We can insulate and waterproof your garden shed

Handyman Hunter can help you with any garden shed waterproofing and insulation services.

Insulating A Garden Shed

If you have ever spent any amount of time in your garden shed, then you will know how cold it can get. Here is where we can help. Handyman Hunter offer Garden Shed insulation to help you keep the heat in!

When it comes to heating your garden shed there are often two scenarios; using an electric heater or insulating your garden shed. Often the cheapest way is to insulate a shed. This has the added benefit of providing protection to any of your good that reside is your garden shed.

Garden Shed Waterproofing

We provide a professional garden shed waterproofing service, this waterproofing service is different from ensuring a watertight shed roof. Focusing on waterproofing the garden shed base and ensuring the seals between each of the garden shed walls is watertight.

Our insulation and waterproofing service for garden sheds usually takes a day or less depending on the size of your garden shed and the weather conditions. Call today to get a free garden shed insulation quote.

Q – Shed roof repairs near me?

All of our handyman garden shed roof repair services are available throughout the UK. Our handymen all live local to the areas that they serve.

This helps to promote small business in your area!

Q – how to put felt on a shed roof?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn how to re-felt your shed roof. Our handyman service can re felt your roof in just a few hours!

Call now and to get a free quote.

Q – how to repair shed roof?

If your garden shed roof has rotten wood, you might need to undertake a reroofing. Don’t worry though, our handymen are able to dismantle your old shed roof, recycle it if possible and build a brand new shed roof!