Garden Shed Installation

Garden Shed Installation and Delivery experts at handyman hunter can deliver and erect your Garden Shed in under 24 Hours. Call today and get a free quote.

Garden Shed Roof Repair Before Best Garden Shed Roof Repair After

We can pick up, deliver and erect your garden shed

Handyman Hunter can help you with any garden shed instillation and delivery service.

Garden Shed assembly

if you have just bought a new shed or looking to buy a new shed, but the prospect of building a garden shed is a little out of your comfort zone. Then there is no need to worry, Handyman Hunter can take care of delivering your garden shed, installing a garden shed and we can even dismantle and remove old garden sheds.

We can assemble wooden and metal sheds, call us today to get a quote.

Garden Shed Delivery

We can pick up your garden shed, deliver it to you and erect your garden shed all in the same day. 

Once we have built your garden shed, you may want to look into garden shed insulation or further waterproof your garden shed.

Buy A Used Shed

if you are considering buying a second hand shed but don’t want to get a bad deal, then we can help you out!

We can collect and deliver second hand shed, check it out and to make sure it is in good condition and provide our shed installation service.

Q – Shed roof repairs near me?

All of our handyman garden shed roof repair services are available throughout the UK. Our handymen all live local to the areas that they serve.

This helps to promote small business in your area!

Q – how to put felt on a shed roof?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn how to re-felt your shed roof. Our handyman service can re felt your roof in just a few hours!

Call now and to get a free quote.

Q – how to repair shed roof?

If your garden shed roof has rotten wood, you might need to undertake a reroofing. Don’t worry though, our handymen are able to dismantle your old shed roof, recycle it if possible and build a brand new shed roof!