Garden Shed Dismantle and Removal

We can dismantle and remove your garden shed

Handyman Hunter are the best shed removal company and can help you with any garden shed dismantle & removal requirements.

Dismantling A Shed

If your old shed has rotten and become an eye sore, or you simply don not want it anymore. Then you have come to the right place, we offer Garden Shed dismantling services.

When it comes to dismantling your garden shed there are often two scenarios; dismantling and throwing away your garden shed or dismantling and moving a garden shed.

Garden Shed Removal

We can remove garden sheds to a new location or we can recycle your garden shed. Either way, this garden shed removal service usually takes less than few hours from arrival to removal. We even offer garden shed removal and replacement where we will dismantle and remove your old shed as well as deliver and or build your new shed!

Whatever the waste – rotten wood, broken bricks, rubble, we will take it away, clear up and clean up, leaving you with a clean and empty space where your shed once was!

Q – How much does it cost to get a shed removed?

A – Shed Dismantle and removals depends on 2 main factors. The condition of the shed and the size. Small Sheds, which have rotten wood are much easier to dismantle and much faster to load and take away. For this reason the price starts at around £50-£100.

Larger sheds with much stronger wood, and sheds with real glass windows require more attention and can take several hours or days longer. Very large summerhouses can be dismantled and removed for around £500-£1000

Usually the cost to remove an old shed will be between £50 and £200.

Q – Shed roof repairs near me?

All of our handyman garden shed roof repair services are available throughout the UK. Our handymen all live local to the areas that they serve.

This helps to promote small business in your area!

Q – how to dismantle a shed ?

If your garden shed has rotten wood, it can be as simple as taking a large hammer to it.

However if your shed or summer house has glass windows, is made of hardwood or contains lots of metal, then a much more careful approach should be taken. But good news, our handymen are trained to remove and recycle all kinds of waste materials.