Looking For An Electrician Nearby?

Looking for an electrician? Struggling to find one? You’re not alone. 

You may have caught yourself searching “electrician near me” or “nearby electricians”.

The good news is that you don’t have to keep searching. At Handyman Hunter we have access to a wide array of electrical engineers near you. All of them capable of carrying out a wide variety of tasks. 

Whether you’re looking for someone to install new plug sockets in your house, install new light fixtures or even just carry out some general repairs, we’ll have someone available. Portable appliance testing and other niche services are also available upon request. 

We offer services to both residential and commercial clients. We don’t just deal with homes. You can contact us if you have a warehouse or office that’s in desperate need of some electrical work.

We make sure we only work with experienced, competent and professional engineers. If this interests you then contact us through our contact form. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in any way we can. 

Fault Finding And Repairs Section

Temperature variation, adverse weather conditions and simple, inevitable degradation. All of these things can contribute to the slow decline of electronics on your property. At Handyman Hunter, we have access to a network of competent, professional engineers. All of them are capable of diagnosing faults & carrying out repairs on a wide variety of electrical equipment. 

If you can name an electrical fault or repair that needs to be carried out, they can deal with it. Vital equipment suddenly stopped turning on? Carrying out a repair yourself can be tempting, but if you make a mistake due to inexperience you could end up damaging your equipment. Even worse, if the proper safety measures aren’t undertaken – you could hurt yourself too.  

In any case, your first thought should be getting in contact with a competent, qualified electrician. Especially if you’re on a commercial premises, where your business may be at risk. 

Anything can realistically happen that can lead to a fault with electronic or electrical appliances on your property. Faults can even happen off-site – this is why it’s vital to work with a well informed partner when carrying out repairs. Electricians can identify the route cause of the issue and take the necessary steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

You can request a quote and specify the details of your issue utilising our contact form. We service anywhere in the UK and will likely have an electrician near you no matter what. 

Poorly installed or faulty electrical outlets can be a root cause too. Bad/fault wiring and poor quality circuits can lead to larger, more expensive equipment becoming damaged. It’s one thing to replace an outlet, it’s another to have to replace a television, or a piece of industrial machinery. 

Ensuring an engineer arrives to fault find and diagnose can actually save you money in the long run by preventing future, additional repairs/replacements on damaged equipment. Real, professional electricians can even prevent future electrician costs if they identify a fault that a less competent engineer might miss.

Experiencing flickering lights? Intermittent periods without power? Strange faults in appliances/equipment that are powered by electricity? We can deal with that too.

It’s also important to remember that you can save money and a whole lot of headaches by ensuring you get things such as lighting/equipment tested regularly. An engineer who’s certified to perform a portable appliance test (PAT) or an electrical installation condition report (EICR) will be able to guarantee you a few things. The first thing they’ll be able to guarantee is that your equipment will continue functioning as normal without external tampering. The second and possibly the most important thing is safety. PAT tests can confirm if equipment is actually safe to continue operating.


Contact us with our contact form if you feel like any of these services may be of interest to you.



Are you looking for a suitably qualified, professional electrician to deal with lighting repairs/installation? We have access to a network of incredibly competent engineers who can install all manner of lights. Whether they’re floodlight, halogen, clap-on, variable, screw-cap or a basic ceiling fan. 


We know all about light installation, and can tailor a design to your specific needs. You don’t need to know the differences between various types of lights for us to be able to identify what you need and why you need it. 

Our qualified engineers will ensure that all of your wiring is set up correctly. This can prevent increased degradation of electrical equipment, degradation of the wiring itself and even electrical fires.

Whether you’re working on a new indoor/outdoor project, refitting the lighting in your house or setting up some serious industrial scale lighting for a professional premises. We’ll put you in contact with someone who has the skills and expertise tailored to your individual needs.

You can simply request a quote by completing our form online. At this point our administrative staff will set about putting you in touch with the first available engineer. This ensures you don’t have to spend endless amounts of time waiting for a visit.

Having issues with your lighting? Lights flickering? Perhaps you’ve purchased a brand new bulb and seen it burn out in a matter of weeks. Electrical wiring issues can be an annoyance at first, but they can grow in to a legitimate threat to your livelihood. Electrical shocks or electrical fires are both very real dangers in the modern world. And you can only overlook them until you can’t.

To avoid potential issues, we always ensure that any lighting installation work is carried out at the highest possible level. This means you don’t need to worry about the potential faults mentioned above. We can also carry out maintenance and diagnostic works on existing lighting systems to ensure longevity.

We can build systems optimized entirely for energy efficiency. Modern, energy efficient lighting systems can save you a small fortune every year. 

If you’ve been looking for an electrician near you or any kind of electrical engineer locally, we’ve got you covered. You do not need an electrician if you’re having work carried out where lighting installation begins and ends with lightbulb replacement. The handymen we can also contract for other fitting work are more than capable of doing this. If, however entirely new lighting systems must be installed or fitted – an electrician is the way to go.

Regardless of where you’re located, our network is so vast and expansive we can have someone with you shortly. If you’re looking for someone to carry out basic diagnostic and testing services on existing lighting circuits that’s no problem at all.

Specialised lighting installation is also available too. Areas such as kitchens and bathrooms are exposed to a disproportionately higher amount of water. This means extra care must be taken to ensure electricity isn’t exposed to water. This can result in electrical degradation at the best of times and critical injuries at the worst.

If you’re unsure if you’ll need a handyman, an electrician for general installation or someone a bit more specialised – contact us today. We’ll even give you a rough estimate of the costs and give you an idea of how long your wait time will be.


Do you need an electrical item replaced urgently? Whether it’s a personal appliance at home or a device that sees limitless use in a professional environment, we have the right people for the job. Our team of incredibly qualified and professional electrical engineers can tackle any challenge you throw at them. From minor replacements such as switches and electrical outlets… all the way through to large scale replacements like flood lighting systems and so forth.


Do you need an electrical item replaced urgently? Whether it’s a personal appliance at home or a device that sees limitless use in a professional environment, we have the right people for the job. Our team of incredibly qualified and professional electrical engineers can tackle any challenge you throw at them. From minor replacements such as switches and electrical outlets… all the way through to large scale replacements like flood lighting systems and so forth.

No job is too big or too small, dimmer switches and ceiling lights aren’t where our expertise ends – they’re where it begins.

If you have any electronic or electrical items you feel need replaced our vast network of professional engineers can be contacted incredibly quickly. It doesn’t matter where you live in the country, we have threads of engineers extending out across the entire UK to ensure that no area is without service.

Having issues with lights flickering? Our engineers have a vast array of expertise in installing and maintaining lighting circuits. They can also deal with extractor fans – both in residential circumstances and also in large scale, industrial capacities. 

The entirety of the UK is covered by our plan. We don’t care if you’re far north at the tip of Scotland or down at the french border by Brighton. We’re sure to have a professional nearby no matter what. Whether you’re looking for an electrician in Manchester or an electrical engineer in stoke – we’ve got it covered. 

We don’t just do component replacement either – we can fully replace entire wiring and cable systems to ensure the longevity and safety of your appliances. We can also diagnose and fault find on currently existing systems to ensure you or your appliances aren’t in any danger if a fault occurs. 

Got a component that’s hard to reach or in a difficult to access location? It won’t present an issue at all, just make sure you disclose this when you’re requesting your quote. This won’t be used as an excuse to price gouge you – we simply need to know what kind of additional equipment we may need for a particular job.

Our engineers can also keep aesthetics in mind. You don’t want some clunky installation work ruining the appearance of your office, home, warehouse etc…

We’re more than capable of running wires inconspicuously without being reckless and performing a poor installation. If we can’t run a wire through a wall or the floor, there’s always the ceiling. Likewise we have a plethora of ways to ensure all components installed are flush and fit with the aesthetics of your building.

We can even carry out electrical work on outdoor projects. Whether it’s a log cabin with minimal protection from the elements or an outdoor field that’s totally exposed. We have the tools and expertise to ensure that ALL electrical equipment is safely shielded from the great outdoors. This additional attention to detail will save you a small fortune and plenty of headaches in the future.

light installation


As technology advances and more and more gadgets enter our lives, things get tricky. For one, it can be pretty difficult to afford all of these new, “vital” accessories and gadgets that seem to hit the market each year. Another huge annoyance is that modern homes just aren’t built with enough electrical outlets to handle the huge amount of sockets and plugs we actually end up dealing with. 

Those of us lucky to have enough outlets may also have issues with accessibility. Or optimisation – some outlets just aren’t powerful enough to handle the kind of load modern appliances and conveniences can put on them. 

Contact us if you’ve found yourself to be struggling with one of these issues. Or indeed any issue in which you feel a modest amount electrical installation work may be required.

We don’t just deal with residential households either. Our highly qualified and competent engineers can carry out electrical installation work on any premises. Whether it’s in an office environment, an industrial setting or even outdoors.

We have highly-experienced engineers located all across the country. From the top to the bottom of the UK. This means that if you request a quote we will be able to quickly find someone in your area and be able to send them your way.

No job is too big or too small. Whether you want a handful of plug sockets changed or a complete overhaul of your premises. We have the means to ensure that the job is carried out quickly, efficiently and with minimal cost to you.

Our engineers know what to look out for when carrying out installation work – faulty wiring and bad installation work can lead to appliance damage and even electrical fires. Not only are we capable of carrying out installation work at a professional level. We can also perform diagnostic work on existing installations to ensure that everything in peak condition. This will grant you a serious sense of security as you’ll know your belongings and your livelihood is not at risk.

Are you looking for a more modern outlet? Perhaps one with USB chargers or a remote control? Maybe you’re thinking of turning a couple into WIFI repeaters to boost your wireless signal no matter where you are in your house.

Regardless of your ideas or intentions, get in contact with us today using our contact page. You’ll have to answer a couple of questions about the nature of the work so we can get back to you with a free estimate and a rough time frame of when we can arrive.