Bathroom Appliance Installation

Bathroom Appliance Installation experts at handyman hunter can fit all bathroom appliances, ranging from electric shower installation to toilet and sink plumbing. Call today and get a free quote. Work done under 24 hours.

Bathroom Appliance Installation Services

Handyman Hunter can help you with any bathroom appliance installation. Our experts are trained in fitting, plumbing and electrical work for all bathroom appliances. 

Electric Shower Installation

Because electric showers combine water and electricity, it’s vital that they are installed correctly and safely. Our Part P-certified handymen are experts at fitting plumbing and wiring electric showers.

Sink Installation

We know how important it is to have a a beautiful looking home and your bathroom isn’t any different. Our expert handymen can deliver, fit and plumb your sink units in both your bathroom and kitchen.

Toilet Installation

Having a great looking and well fitted toilet is essential. A properly plumbed toilet will run more smoothly, even when you are not. Our expert handyman service includes toilet delivery, fitting and plumbing all in under a few hours. 

Other Appliance Installation Services include:

Integrated dishwasher installation service

washing machine delivery and installation take old away

Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn how to re-felt your shed roof. Our handyman service can re felt your roof in just a few hours!

Call now and to get a free quote.